** We have moved to:  501 Marin Ct. Suite # 205 Thousand Oaks, CA  91360** 


"Across from the Oaks Mall"  


 Phone: (805) 495-3937


   Agape Learning & Optometry Center

  Our hearts are fully committed to our student's educational needs.   


Our mission at the Agape Learning & Optometry Center is to provide exceptional services in a friendly, caring and competent way. 


Agape Learning Center Thousand Oaks CA

Reach full academic potential through our integrated three step process


- First, we ASSESS ABILITIES  via scientifically  proven assessments






- Second, we COMMUNICATE results




- Third, we develop a personalized program to  DEVELOP THE SKILLS needed for academic success




 The above video provides an example of just one of the many programs we use during our sessions

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